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Kizomba: The Intimate Dance Style You've Never Heard Of – Learn It At Salsa Dance LA

It's time to step out of your comfort zone, immerse yourself in the rhythmic pulses of an enticing dance form, and discover a dance that combines the best of tradition and creativity – the Kizomba. Let's journey through the fascinating world of Kizomba dance at Salsa Dance LA.

What Is Kizomba?

Originating from the small African nation of Angola, Kizomba is a dance form that has rapidly gained popularity worldwide, thanks to its captivating rhythm, intricate footwork, and close connection between partners. With its intimate ambiance and sensual moves, Kizomba offers a unique experience that's both liberating and deeply moving.

The History of Kizomba

Kizomba’s roots trace back to Angola in the 1980s, developing from traditional Angolan semba dance and zouk music brought by immigrants from the French Caribbean Islands. The name "Kizomba" comes from the Kimbundu language and means "party," perfectly capturing the essence of this joyful and expressive dance style.

The Beauty of Kizomba

One of the elements that make Kizomba so appealing is its focus on connection and fluidity. The dance is typically performed by couples in a close embrace, moving harmoniously to the rhythm of the music. The rhythm itself is slow and sensual, allowing dancers to truly connect with their partner and the music.

Understanding the Kizomba Dance Style

Kizomba is often characterized by its slow, romantic pace and close-knit dance style. The steps are directly influenced by the rhythm of the music, with an emphasis on the syncopated beats. The dance also allows for improvisation, making it versatile and personal.

What sets Kizomba apart from other Latin dances is the constant physical contact between partners. Dancers move together in a seamless flow, the leader guiding the follower with gentle indications of the body rather than overt signals. This physical closeness enhances the overall sensual vibe of Kizomba and creates a sense of intimacy between dancers.

Why You Should Learn Kizomba

  1. Improve Your Dance Skills: Kizomba enhances your ability to move with grace and rhythm. It also teaches you how to be more receptive to your partner's movements, a skill that's applicable to other partner dances.

  2. Boost Your Confidence: The art of Kizomba lies in connecting with your dance partner, fostering trust and communication. As you master these aspects, you'll naturally become more confident, both on and off the dance floor.

  3. Increase Physical Fitness: Kizomba is a fantastic way to get moving and improve your physical fitness. Despite its slow pace, Kizomba involves constant movement, which helps to increase stamina, flexibility, and core strength.

  4. Enhance Social Skills: By joining a Kizomba class at Salsa Dance LA, you'll meet like-minded individuals and make new friends. It’s an excellent way to socialize in a positive, energy-filled environment.

  5. Experience a Different Culture: Kizomba provides a unique opportunity to explore and experience a part of African culture.

Beginning Your Kizomba Journey at Salsa Dance LA

At Salsa Dance LA, we believe that anyone can learn to dance Kizomba, regardless of their previous dance experience. Our Kizomba dance lessons are meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and experienced dancers alike. Here's what you can expect when you join our Kizomba classes:

  1. Expert Instructors: Our talented team of instructors is deeply passionate about sharing their love for Kizomba with our students. They ensure that each student grasps the fundamental principles of Kizomba and is able to perform the dance with grace and confidence.

  2. Flexible Learning Options: We understand that every individual has different learning preferences and schedules. That's why we offer various learning options, including online and in-person classes. You can also opt for private lessons if you wish for a more personalized learning experience.

  3. Inclusive Environment: Salsa Dance LA prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive environment. Our studios are a space where everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or dance experience, can enjoy the beauty of Kizomba dance.

The Kizomba Community in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts a vibrant Kizomba scene. When you join Salsa Dance LA, you're not just signing up for a dance class; you're becoming a part of a lively and passionate community. Whether it's through local Kizomba festivals, social dance events, or our regular classes, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow Kizomba enthusiasts in the city.


Kizomba, with its enchanting rhythm and intimate dance style, is more than just a dance; it's a way to express yourself, connect with others, and even keep fit. At Salsa Dance LA, our Kizomba classes are designed to help you experience all the joys that this dance style has to offer.

So why wait? Embark on a new adventure and embrace the world of Kizomba. With our expert guidance and the support of a vibrant community, you're sure to fall in love with this exquisite dance form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Kizomba? Kizomba is an intimate and sensual dance style and genre of music that originated in Angola, Africa. The word "Kizomba" in Kimbundu language means "party". This dance style is often described as the "African Tango" due to its smooth movements and close connection between partners.

2. Is Kizomba difficult to learn? Like any dance, Kizomba requires practice. However, it's known for its relatively easy basic steps. The real magic of Kizomba lies in the connection between the dance partners and the interpretation of the music, which can be developed over time with regular practice.

3. Do I need a partner to learn Kizomba at Salsa Dance LA? While Kizomba is a partner dance, you do not need a partner to join our Kizomba dance lessons. We encourage rotation in our classes, giving everyone the opportunity to learn, adapt, and improve their dance with different partners.

4. What should I wear for a Kizomba class? Comfort is key when it comes to Kizomba. You can wear anything that you're comfortable moving in. As for shoes, ladies usually wear heels, and gentlemen wear dress shoes. However, it's best to start with flat shoes if you are a beginner.

5. How can I join Kizomba classes at Salsa Dance LA? You can check out our schedule and book your classes online. We offer different packages according to the number of classes you want to attend. You can also call us for any specific queries or concerns.

6. Where are the Salsa Dance LA studios located? You can find the locations of our studios here.

7. What other dance styles do you teach at Salsa Dance LA? Apart from Kizomba, we offer a wide range of dance styles including Salsa, Bachata, and more. You can find more information here.

8. Can I book private Kizomba lessons? Yes, we offer private lessons for individuals, couples, and even groups who want more personalized instruction.

9. Do you host dance events or parties where I can practice Kizomba? Yes, we host several private events and social dance parties where our students can practice what they've learned in a fun, social setting.

10. Can I learn Kizomba for my wedding dance? Absolutely! Kizomba can be a beautiful choice for a wedding dance. We offer wedding dance lessons and can help you create a memorable dance for your special day.

We hope this detailed guide has ignited your curiosity and interest in Kizomba. Remember, every great dancer started at the beginning. So, whether you're an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, we welcome you to join our Kizomba classes at Salsa Dance LA and experience the magic of this enchanting dance style. Can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

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