Due to Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak, All the Dance Experiences are on hold, until further notice. Once you don't see this message anymore you can start booking the experiences again. 

Please stay home, Be safe and keep your loved ones safe! After all this is over, we will celebrate the beauty of Dancing and Human Connection again. 





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Secret LA, a premier guide to secret and trendy things in LA features the Salsa Experience

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REAL Testimonials from PEOPLE who took the experiences


“ Everyone told me that this was the best outing we had for our LA trip”


“ Thank you Avissh for an unforgettable night! “


“definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”

"Avissh made us feel like old friends and was so patient and supportive! I saw a side of my boyfriend I had never seen before as he was learning from Avissh. We honestly connected on a completely different level. "

“ it was the highlight moments of my journey of LA” 

"The experience was one to remember”​

"this is the activity that you have to try once in your life.”

"Best experience I ever had” 


"Avissh's experience was one of the best nights I've ever had in LA. Made for an extremely unique night that I will remember for a long time.”

"This is what I call a True experience. We were talking about it for days after the event.”

“This experience made for a perfect date night”

“Avissh has the god given gift to bring people together to learn and thru dance find joy.” 

"We have taken 100's of dance lessons through the years, and have never before experienced anyone like Avissh.”

"A fascinating experience and all thanks to Avissh!!!”

"Avissh is THE BEST. We had an unforgettable time celebrating our birthdays with a (bucket list) dance lesson AND an A+ club experience.”

"Highly recommend for a date night in Los Angeles”

"While I was dancing with my boyfriend at the speakeasy I literally said to him "this is one of the best nights I've had in LA" - this is thanks to this amazing experience! "




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