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Nightlife Dance Experience in Los Angeles

Salsa Dance Experience

Salsa Dance LA Salsa Bachata Merengue Zouk Kizomba Dance Lessons and Experiences in Los An

What is Salsa Dance Experience?

This one of a kind, unique Salsa Dance Experience gives you chance to

- Learn 3-4 Latin dances with professional instruction at a dance studio and

- Go out and practice those moves at some of the best places in LA.

We will start with,

- Dance Lesson in a cool dance studio where you will learn the basics of Salsa, Merengue & Bachata and get a chance to practice those moves to music.

- Then, we all will head out to a beautiful reservation only places in Hollywood with Live Entertainment, where you can drink the best Mojitos, practice the dances you learned to DJ & live music and watch an amazing Burlesque show. 

You will be actually dancing salsa rather than just admiring others at the floor!

Our Venue

Transport yourself in Havana, Cuba

The Best Latin Place with Salsa Dancing, Music and Cocktails in Los Angeles

It’s time to get Wild and Infuse your soul with Latin music and dancing. Be ready to get Sexy, Dance, Laugh and have lots of Fun because this unique Dance Experience takes place in the most exciting and mysterious Speakeasy bar in LA. The venue is featured in Pitbull's Fireball Music Video, Jane the Virgin TV Show and countless other videos and shows.

This is a very popular venue, very hard to get in. It has been featured in Various TV shows and Music Videos and very popular among celebrities. With this exclusive experience you will have guaranteed admission and of course no waiting in the line.


Table Reservations are separate. Table reservations starts at 1, 2 or 3 bottles minimum.

Book Now or Contact Us at info@salsadancela.com to customize the Salsa Dance Experience for your Private Group or Event!


Note: You pay for your own drinks at the Venue with general experience ticket.

Salsa Dance LA Salsa Bachata Merengue Zouk Kizomba Dance Lessons and Experiences in Los An

Dance Experience

Be Part of An Experience That Lasts a Lifetime.

Salsa Dance LA Salsa Bachata Lessons Experience 10

What is Included?

What's Included

- Dance Lesson at the Studio (Salsa, Bachata and more..)
- Transportation from the Dance Studio to the Venue if you are not driving.
- Admission/Reservation for the Venue

Salsa Dance Experience is great for 

- Giving Gift to your loved ones

- Birthday Celebrations
- Date Nights 
- Single / Solo Travelers 
- Bachelorette
- Anniversaries 
- Private Groups  
or anybody else who loves life, dancing and want to have an amazing time! 💃🏻

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Salsa Dance LA Salsa Bachata Lessons Experience 12

Salsa Dance LA is Talk of the Town. 

LA's Highest Rated Dance Experience


Avissh's experience was one of the best nights I've ever had in LA. Everything was perfect, from the lesson to the super fun speakeasy afterwards where we got to skip the line with VIP treatment due to Avissh's connections. Learning to dance from a passionate teacher and getting to immediately apply it in the most lit setting right afterwards is the best way to do it. Made for an extremely unique night that I will remember for a long time.


Avissh is AWESOME. This was an excellent experience that my wife and I feel so lucky to have been a part of. We spent some time at a dance studio prior to going to a real club, and it was at this studio where we learned the basics of several styles of dance. I sucked, but Avissh was so nice and extremely helpful in getting me to what resembled a "passing" dance rhythm. He was smart, great at dance himself, and all-around great as an instructor for my wife and myself as newbies. After the introductory lesson, we went to the nearby speakeasy/club -- there was a line of 30+ people outside, by simply by being with Avissh, we were allowed right in to the club! I felt like VIP. The club then itself was deceptively cool: outside, it resembles just any other door and club, but inside, WOW. It's an experience in and of itself just being there, let alone with Avissh who happened to know many folks at the venue! We watched the burlesque shows (be on the lookout for the sax man, who was AWESOME), and in-between the shows we did our real dancing based off the lessons we did earlier in the evening. All in all, I can't say enough just how fun this experience was. My wife and I are each 30 years old, and I'd honestly say anyone 21+ would love this experience. The club is low-key but great fun, and ultimately, Avissh himself is so much fun to be around. I haven't laughed or smiled as much as I did this particular evening with Avissh and the entire evening.

Nan Haverty

This was an amazing experience , meeting Avissh and learning to dance ! His passion and study of the art of dance is extraordinary! The people I met also attending class became fast friends I was so blessed to meet them . The big surprise was the place we went to dance - coolest place yet I have been too in LA !!! I was so happy I got out of my comfort zone and picked this Class - evening out , I’m now committed to taking salsa dancing lessons !!!! This is also something you can sign up for solo and immediately bond with the group . Avissh has the god given gift to bring people together to learn and thru dance find joy. I have never met an unhappy person dancing ! Don’t miss out on this it will be a memory one keeps forever

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